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War and Destiny

War and Destiny

亂世佳人 / Luen Sai Gaai Yan / Luan Shi Jia Ren / War and Destiny / Troubled Times is a Hong Kong drama series. In 1937, Manchuria was occupied by Japanese forces. Koo Ping On and a brother-like Tin Hau Yi brought their sick mother to Nanjing. They were looking for Koo Maan Chuen, who owned the biggest rice company in Nanjing. They intended to stay with Koo Maan Chuen, but they are segregated. Follow the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (also known as July 7 incident of china) Nanjing fell to Japanese forces. On was shocked to find out that Yi, with whom she grew up, was actually the son of the Japanese military officer, Chung Tin Ai. She also discovered that Yi, whom she considered to be her fiancé, was actually in love with Tsang Yuet Fung, the fourth wife of her father. Eventually Fung fell in love with Yi. Afterwards, Poon Sai Cheung, who helped the Japanese, “bought” On. She was distraught. In the end, she unexpectedly fell in love with this man whom she had first hated with a passion and believed to be a traitor.

Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-12 to 2007-Apr-14
Air time: Weekdays 20:30 to 21:30
Opening theme song: Fortunately (Lucky) by Myolie Wu
Ending theme song: Random songs, by actress/actors of War and Destiny

Myolie Wu as Koo Ping On
Sunny Chan as Poon Sai Cheung
Ron Ng as Tin Hao Yee
Chong Tin Ngai as Sek Sau
Leila Tong as Cheng Yuet Fung
Mandy Cho as Sum Yi Ping
Koo Man Chai as Lau Dan
Ellesmere Choi as Lee Shing Hong
Eric Li as Lam Jun Sing
Anita Kwan as Koo Duk Yee
Charmaine Li as Koo Chiu Yee
Chan Hoi Yee as Koo Oi Yee
Halina Tam as 3rd wife
Low as 1st wife
Kwok Fung as Lit Wun Shan

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