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Welcome to the House

Welcome to the House / 高朋满座 / Kou Peng Mun Zho / Gao Peng Man Zuo is Hong Kong comedy series. The story is based on a family of very interesting characters. King Sir, Chung King Fai, will be head of the household, with Cheng Dan Sui, Raymond Cho, and Shermon Tang as his sons and daughter.

Broadcast network: TVB
Genre: Sitcom, Comedy
Broadcast year: 2006-Aug-28 to 2007-Mar-10

Lawrence Cheng
Christine Ng
Chung King Fai
Lo Yuen Yan
Raymond Cho
Johnson Lee
Shermon Tang
Annie Chung
Gill Mohindepaul Singh
Natalie Tong as Ching Ka Man

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