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Zai Sheng Yuan

Zai Sheng Yuan / 再生緣 is Chinese drama period. Meng Lijun challenges social perception of how woman should be. She shows the society that a woman with wisdom and courage can bring peace and order to the nation. She can be patriotic and treat her people with kindness and fairness.

Subtitle: 孟丽君传奇 / Meng Li Jun Chuan Qi
Also known as: Another lifetime of fate – The legend of Meng Lijun
Genre: Period
Total Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: HNWTV
Broadcast period: 2007 Jan 01
Air time: 19:33 – 21:30

Li Bing Bing as Meng Lijun 孟丽君
Huang Hai Bing as Huangfu Shaohua 皇甫少华
Johnny Chen as Liu Kuibi 刘奎璧
Sun Xing as Liu Jie 刘捷
Gao Xin (高鑫) as Emperor
Shi Xiao Qun (石小群) as Su Yingxue 苏映雪

Original writing: Qing dynasty female writer Chen Reisheng 陈端生
Screenwriter: Hu Rongrong
Producer: Xu Weiling
Director: Li Huiming
Music: Chris Babida

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