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Zombi Kampung Pisang

Zombi Kampung Pisang

Zombi Kampung Pisang (2007) is Malaysian movie. The peace and quiet of Kampung Pisang is threatened when its Muezzin, Pak Abu, dies suddenly one night. Three youngsters, Hussin (Awie), Deris (Que Haidar) and Mat Karan (MC Mizal), bring his body to the village chief, Pak Jabit. Chaos mounts when Pak Jabit also dies while investigating the body. Soon both their corpses disappear. This nightmarish scenario spreads as many other villagers start to fall dead and vanish – only to return as zombies and attack the rest of the villagers.

Release Date: 19th April 2007
Language: Malay
Running Time: 95 mins

Rating: U

Que Haidar
MC Mizal

Directed by: Mamat Khalid
Local Distributor: Tayangan Unggul

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